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We Are Family

I was on the west side of Cleveland recently, and I found myself taking a long, interesting look around me. I was fascinated by what I was seeing. What did I see that so intrigued me? People. Yes, people. I watched, fellowshipped with and talked to people of different colors, different ethnic backgrounds, different denominations, different sizes.

I went to Lift Him Up Ministries, 4004 Cypress Ave. We came together in the spirit of one common cause, and that cause was to bless and dedicate an awesome house of worship.

If you’ve never been there, you’ve got to visit. I enjoyed being there in the midst of people who I know I can most assuredly call “My Brethren.” It didn’t matter what side of town they had come from or what they looked like, we were there and we were all brethren. But in realizing that, I also began to wonder, and here is where my musing took me: We all came from the same father and mother, Adam and Eve. So we are truly related. We are family.

Could it be that if we begin to realize we are indeed family and we begin to treat one another like family, we would begin to treat everyone more carefully, knowing that this person is my brother or my sister? We are family, and I would not harm or misuse my family in any sort of way. Because family loves one another. Family takes care of one another. Family is there for you. Right? So maybe, just maybe, we can really be family when we realize who we are. Wouldn’t that be an awesome thing?

How can each of us become more aware that all people are part of one big family?

~ Buckeye-Shaker’s Elaine Siggers posted this on her blog http://wordsthatlastalifetime. wordpress.com. 


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