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The Pulse: Buckeye-Shaker Teen on CLE Sports

The 49er’s Collin Kaepernick completed 14 passes on 24 thrown in the NFC Championship while Seattle’s Russell Wilson had a similar game completing 16 on 25 passes thrown. Let’s not forget Marshawn Lynch was yet again on beast mode with 22 carries for 109 yards and atouchdown to help uplift the Seattle Seahawks. Also Seattle’s very own Richard Sherman made a great play on the ball batting the ball down intended to Michael Crabtree.
AFC Championship

After losing to the Denver Broncos, Tom Brady will have to wait for that elusive 4th title. No disrespect to Tom Brady but I believe he will not be able to get it. It’s due to all the up and coming quarterbacks, because you’ve got the Andrew Luck’s and Robert Griffin’s of this league on the rise. Tom Brady threw for 277 yards completing 24 out of 38 throws. While Peyton Manning had 400 yards with 2 touchdowns completing 32 out of 43 throws.

The Cavs had enough of Andrew Bynum’s mess and were willing to trade him. They made a big headline while trading him for Luol Deng. In some ways, it has worked out for the Cavs and the Chicago Bulls. We get a small forward and some much needed maturity. The Bulls save money and get some picks. Also Dion Waiters and the Cavs have benefited from him coming off the bench and being our James Harden as I would say. We are a more proficient team and we went 3 and 2 on are longest road trip of the year.
Super Bowl Pick
Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks
My Pick:
Denver Broncos
60%-40% 60% going to Denver
Due to Peyton Manning being such a great player and I don’t believe they will find a way to stop his high powered offense. But it will be close and if somebody can make a big play for Seattle, they have a shot to win.

~ Written by Christian Clark, a teen living in Buckeye-Shaker.


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