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The Pulse: A Buckeye-Shaker Teen on CLE Sports

Kyrie Irving is the Cleveland Cavaliers starting point guard and a potential MVP. He suffered a serious injury during a freak play when he was playing the Los Angeles Clippers. He will miss at least 2 weeks with a left bicep injury. We are currently the tenth seed with the New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks in front of us for the eight seed. But with Kyrie Irving’s injury it makes it a harder task for us to win games especially against great competition.

The Cleveland Browns did some major free agent signing. They signed Karlos Dansby and Cleveland’s own Donte Whitner. He will replace TJ Ward in which he came of a pro bowl season last year for the Brown’s. We also filled a big gap at the running back spot with the signing of Ben Tate. He is and explosive runner and just needed a place to shine and be a starter. The NFL Draft is also coming and we are still missing some major pieces to become an elite team. We need another threat other than Josh Gordan. So I believe we should draft Clemson’s Sammy Watkins at the wide out spot. He gives you speed and the ability to go up top and catch the ball.

March Madness has been crazy and unbelievable. There is absolutely no one with a perfect bracket left. That’s how many upsets it has been. I mean come on no one expected Duke to lose in the first round of the tournament. Also our own Ohio State Buckeyes lost in the first round. But this is to be expected every year, a bracket buster. It just so happen that everyone’s bracket busted after the first round.

~ Written by Christian Clark, a teen living in Buckeye-Shaker.


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