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“Neighbor Up Spotlight” focuses on ordinary people doing extraordinary work in Cleveland

A new podcast called “Neighbor Up Spotlight” is out now. Hosted by Cleveland resident and activist Carol Malone, the podcast focuses on members of Neighbor Up, a network of about 2,000 Greater Cleveland residents making positive change in their neighborhoods.

Neighbor Up was launched and is supported by Neighborhood Connections, the community-building program affiliated with the Cleveland Foundation.

Carol had the idea for “Neighbor Up Spotlight” after volunteering for three years as a member of the grant making committee with Neighborhood Connections. Committee members review grant applications, interview applicants and make all funding decisions.

“I met so many sincere and passionate citizens who were creating programs and activities for their neighborhoods and neighbors,” Carol said. “Now I have the opportunity to create a podcast to showcase residents who are making positive contributions to their

“Neighbor Up Spotlight” is produced by Neighborhood Connections in partnership with Bad Racket Studios.

Each 15-minute episode is like listening in on a kitchen table conversation between Carol and two Neighbor Up members talking about their work.

Upcoming episodes include:

• What is Neighbor Up? Members Dawn Arrington and Lila Mills talk with Carol about the Neighbor Up network.
• What does Neighbor Up do? Tom O’Brien talks with Carol about the work members are doing to bring the Cleveland Renaissance to neighborhoods.

• The crisis of infant deaths in Cleveland: Neighbor Up member Christin Farmer talks with Carol about her group Birthing Beautiful Communities, a sister circle of women in Hough helping women deliver healthy babies.

Tune in and listen to “Neighbor Up Spotlight.” You can find us on Soundcloud or download episodes on iTunes. Your support is appreciated.




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