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Sports Alert: A Look at Local High School Track Teams

Glenville High School has a good boys track team this year. Collinwood High School has a good girls track team this year also.

In February, 2012, I wrote an article called “Will Local High School Teams Get on Track?” The article targeted the Glenville boys and Collinwood girls track teams. The two teams have not brought home a state track title since 2007 and 2010, respectively. But this year, Glenville looks good and Tedd Ginn, Sr. is back coaching again. He led Glenville to five state titles from 2003 to 2007. Glenville has a shot — depending on how they do in regionals at Austintown.

Gregg Marrow is at the helm at Collinwood and doing a great job at coaching. The girls are running with a sense of urgency and pride while gaining new respect from their peers. Collinwood is relying on their sprinters and two relay teams to do well at the Austintown Regionals. One big problem that plagues Collinwood, providing they do well at Austintown, is that that state finals are the same day as their graduation.

I wish both teams well at the upcoming city meet. Stay tuned!


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