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Neighbor Up

You are invited! We need you!

Neighbor Up is a diverse network of people committed to Cleveland neighborhoods. The network is supported by Neighborhood Connections.

What does Neighbor Up do?

Neighbor Up:

  • brings people together across lines of difference
  • creates a web of collaboration and exchange
  • and encourages residents from different neighborhoods, as well as institutional leaders, to work together to respond innovatively to the challenges that plague our communities.

There are now 2,000+ card-carrying members with many more active in the network.

How does it work?

When Neighbor Up members gather, they use small activities — called practices — that prime the room for positivity, feed people’s energy, and unleash the capacity for creative solutions to issues that plague our communities. The result is greater civic engagement.

Come check it out

Find details about upcoming gatherings on the Events page.

This is mission critical work for our city.

Meet people, share ideas and resources, and connect — across class, ethnic, racial, geographic and generational divides — on issues you care about.

We all have something to give. We need each other to thrive. Communities are stronger when we work together. There are no quick fixes to our community issues, but new options surface when more perspectives are at the table. That means Neighbor Up can be what you make it!

Click here for the Neighbor Up blog.