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Learning about Mayoral Candidate Ken Lanci

Last month, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and mayoral candidate Ken Lanci visited the Commodore Place Apartments in University Circle.

Mayor Jackson talked about the economy and the great job he has done for the city in diligently making sure Cleveland did not turn upside down in the same way cities like Detroit did. And, I agree, he should be commended for that.

But when Ken Lanci spoke, I was amazed. He seemed to really understand how some of us in Cleveland are struggling.

Born in Cleveland, Lanci was living in Maple Heights when he took over the family business at a young age. Lanci has been married 43 years and now has grandchildren. If elected mayor, he said he would like our city to become known as a city of faith, hope and love. He has a website to help people find jobs, called www.findmeajob.me. He wants to know what people in the city are skilled at; he wants a police force that will not harass the tourists he plans to bring to our city.

Furthermore, Lanci wants an educational system that is accountable to what our children are taught. He wants to have small cruise ships on the Great Lakes. He wants to utilize our Playhouse Square, Karamu House and orchestra. Many of us may not even be able to afford to attend.

He wants to hire ex-felons to refurbish vacant homes in the city and give them a home as compensation. He would like to charge banks and companies fees if they let abandoned properties sit untended.

He said regular people will have he same opportunities as political people.

I think Lanci can give us Clevelanders a chance to be proud of our city, not just because of our teams, but because our whole community has faith, hope and love.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

 ~ Written by Lori Ingram, a University Circle resident


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    I love it thank you soo much for your support and willingness to bring about Change!

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