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Great Schools in Greater University Circle

Great Schools in Greater University Circle is a regular feature highlighting some of the great schools in the community.

School of the Month: Cleveland Montessori

Address: 12009 Mayfield Rd.

Contact: 216-421-0700; info@clevelandmontessori.org

Cleveland Montessori, formerly the Montessori School at Holy Rosary, has been a staple in Little Italy for 19 years.

“This year we changed out name from the Montessori School at Holy Rosary to Cleveland Montessori and that happened for a number of reasons,” said Tina Schneider, the school’s director. “One was looking at the evolution of the school and realizing that we’re serving a much broader area than just the parish of Holy Rosary and Little Italy anymore. We started as just a preschool 19 years ago, and have grown over the years to include kindergarten through eighth grade.”

The school serves children from various Cleveland neighborhoods and many living outside of the city, some whose parents work in University Circle and the hospitals nearby. Schneider, who started out as the parent of student prior to moving into the classroom, said the school now serves about 120 students.

The school maintains high standards. Every lead instructor is certified by the Association Montessori Internationale.

“We’re really trying to stay true to the Montessori principles,” Schneider said. “Being an AMI school kind of ensures that quality of Montessori education for the parents who are really wanting that level of Montessori education for their children.”

At Cleveland Montessori, children learn in multi-age groups, where older children help younger ones. This builds a community within the school. Younger students look up to the older ones and the older students know they have a responsibility to help the younger students.

Having a sense of community is very important to Schneider and everyone at Cleveland Montessori, with students going out into the community to volunteer and parents being involved, too.

“We require each family to do a certain amount of service,”  Schneider said. “Many do above and beyond what is required of them.”

The heavy parental involvement and having the students work in their community is all a part of the idea that everyone has a part to play in the pursuit of their goals.

Schneider believes that helps students become not only strong learners, but engaged community members.

“I think what the children take with them when they leave here is a sense of themselves,” Schneider said.

~ Written by Justin Rutledge, a Benedictine High School graduate with a journalism degree from Bowling Green State University


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