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What Is the Grant Making Committee?

To ensure that we fund neighborhood priorities, a Grant Making Committee of Cleveland and East Cleveland residents reviews all Neighborhood Connections grant applications and makes final decisions about which proposals are funded and at what level.

Current committee members select new members from all areas of Cleveland and East Cleveland. Committee members serve three-year terms.

The role of the Neighborhood Connections Grant Making Committee member is to thoroughly read, review, interview, and make funding decisions with the Grant Making Committee. Committee members meet eight evenings in the fall and seven evenings in the spring to review grant proposals from grant applicants. Committee members work in small teams with three other Grant Making Committee members to review and interview proposals and to make funding recommendations to the entire Grant Making Committee and, with the entire Grant Making Committee, make final funding decisions.

Click here to nominate someone to serve. 


* Must be a resident of Cleveland or East Cleveland.

* Able to develop a safe, respectful, and open environment for communication. Personality that will be non-threatening to grant seekers.

* Demonstrated flexibility, critical thinking, and ability to listen to others and ask meaningful follow up questions.

* Good understanding of the mission of the Neighborhood Connections program and its goals and objectives.

* A sincere appreciation and understanding of the strengths and challenges faced by grassroots leaders and organizations of all types.

* An understanding of the key issues affecting Cleveland and East Cleveland and a good understanding of the initiatives that are happening in these cities.

* Ability to be on time, to show up, and to follow through on commitment


By participating as a member of the Grant Making Committee of Neighborhood Connections, members agree to:

* Make a three year commitment to be part of the Grant Making Committee

* Attend and participate in each of the training sessions scheduled for the GMC

* Attend all meetings of the GMC and participate in discussions

* Work productively and cooperatively with the entire GMC as well as teams or subcommittees that the member is assigned to in order to review grant proposals

* Conscientiously review grant applications assigned to their grant evaluation team and complete grant evaluation forms in a timely manner

* Maintain objectivity regarding grant applications before the GMC

* Maintain confidentiality of grant applications

* Adhere to GMC Conflict of Interest policy

* Provide written and verbal evaluations of their participation in the NC program as requested by the NC staff.




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