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Recently awarded a grant from Neighborhood Connections? Successfully completed a project? Here’s where you can find all the forms you need once you become a Neighborhood Connections’ grant recipient. Please contact us at 216-229-4688 if you have any questions.

Once you have completed your project, there are two options for completing a Final Report.

Option 1: Final Report Party
Final Report Parties provide Neighborhood Connections Grantees an opportunity to complete their Final Reports verbally through storytelling with other grantees. Final Report Parties are held twice each year in January and June. Final Report Parties provide opportunities for Neighborhood Connections grantees to meet with each other and share stories about their projects while sharing a meal and having some fun. Those who chose this option must complete the first five pages of the NC Final Grant Reporting Form.


Option 2: Final Report
If completing the written final report, grantees have one month from the time the project is finished to complete and provide the NC Final Grant Reporting Form to the Neighborhood Connections program. The forms are meant to be easy to complete. If you have questions about them, or would like assistance in completing them, please contact Neighborhood Connections at 216-229-4688 or e-mail us at Neighborhoodconnections@clevefdn.org.



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  1. lmills

    Our next grant deadline isn’t until August 11. We will hold workshops in July to answer questions people have about applying. Until then, you download the application and see FAQ’s here: http://www.neighborhoodgrants.org/apply-for-a-grant-2/
    You could also check out these funding sources if you’re looking for funding before then: http://www.neighborhoodgrants.org/other-funding-opportunities/

  2. Mark Smith

    would like to apply for a grant for an upcoming summer camp for inner city youth. How would I go about that?

  3. lmills

    If you’re interested in applying for one of our small grants to help support your work, stay tuned to the website for workshops in January about how to apply.

  4. Walter Melton

    I have a project called Voice for My People in East Cleveland. We have been cleaning up the trash every Saturday out here and trying to make it safer as well.

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