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Express Yourself: On Kindness

I’ve learned a lot these past few weeks. And I do know this: While this scurrying back and forth every day in our quest to achieve the American dream may indeed be a necessary evil so to speak, it cannot, nor can we allow it, to take the place of our very lives. Our humanity.

We must continue to live, love, laugh, be happy and enjoy our “God-given lives.” We are all awesome and incredible individuals, with some beautiful smiles that can quite literally light up a room, who have all been given the opportunity to breathe the breath of life one more day. And we all deserve respect for who we are.

We must understand that a little common courtesy goes a very long way. So, we may not be able to come to a complete stop in our incessant quest for greatness, or cease from catering to our unremitting responsibilities, but we can surely allow just a little kindness for our fellow-man.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and so is the next person, and we must remember that. And I believe that if for just a moment, just one moment, we slow down, even stop, and just breathe in the very essence of what life is, God’s life, then we will suddenly remember that we are here for only a moment, an important moment, and that we must learn to value one another, to respect one another, to enjoy life and one another.  And then, we will stop and smell the roses, while we still have time.

Buckeye-Shaker’s Elaine Siggers posted this on her blog http://wordsthatlastalifetime.wordpress.com. Check it out to comment or go to www.facebook.com/neighborhoodvoice. See videos of Greater University Circle residents responding to her blog at www.youtube.com/neighborhoodvoice.


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