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Creating Meaningful Places

Neighbor Up members are doing projects across Cleveland that are restoring community and making our neighborhoods safer and more beautiful.

Greater Buckeye

Neighbor Up members in the Buckeye, Shaker Square, Larchmere, Mt. Pleasant and Woodland Hills neighborhoods are launching a Greater Buckeye Network Night sponsored by the St. Luke’s Foundation. Hosted the third Wednesday of every month, it is a place for neighbors to come together, meet, share ideas and resources, and work together on larger community issues. There are no quick fixes to our community issues, but communities are stronger when we work together. Find out more information about the next Greater Buckeye Network Night on our Events page.

Pride of Glenville

Neighbor Up members in Glenville have launched the Pride of Glenville campaign to bring current and former residents together to do a variety of projects to reenergize the community. They host monthly Glenville Neighbor Nights. Find more about those gatherings by scrolling through our Events page.

City Repair Night

Neighbor Up members are hosting City Repair Nights, a spring and summer learning gathering for neighbors to hear how to design common community space, get a city permit, and engage others in their projects.  At City Repair Night, you will hear from people who are creating meaningful places right where they live; and learn how to bring your own project ideas to life in your neighborhood. Restore our Commons — the places where we can connect, inform and empower each other! Find upcoming dates on our Events page. Learn the history of the City Repair movement in Cleveland here.  


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