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Cory Church Connects to Neighborhood

The city of Cleveland has 109,237 churches. I was given this information while in a seminary program at Ashland Theological Seminary, through the McCreary Center.

We were told: “When you have a church anniversary, it should be for the community around you … You should be able to look outside your windows, and see change going on around the building.”

I wanted to start looking at what some of the churches in Greater University Circle were doing for the community so I sat down with the Rev. James B. Roberson, pastor at Cory United Methodist Church, 1117 E. 105th St. We talked about what is going on at Cory.

Every Sunday, a 9 a.m. church school is followed by a 10 a.m. worship service, and a social hour usually follows. Cory has a hunger center that is open 8 a.m. to noon each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. There is a senior program that meets Monday through Thursday, which hosts different activities every time it meets, and lunch is served at noon every day the group meets. Colorectal cancer consultations and health checks are included, as well.

Don’t feel like the children are left out. The church also offers a full day care Monday through Friday. Every Thursday, there is an entrepreneurial program to teach children 6 to 18 years old how to turn crafts into a business. Speaking of money, there is a credit union there, as well, and it’s open every day expect Friday, offering many different loans.

Cory even has a counseling service available at no charge. The church’s kitchen is always open the last week of every month, and I have tried the food and think it is great. Cory Recreation Center has basketball, baseball, boxing, dancing, summer programs, after-school programs, is open on Saturday and has a pool.

The church has also recently hired someone to focus on community outreach programming.

Feel free to utilize all the services Cory has to offer. They are free. I have recognized that being able to have activities outside school and work helps you continue to grow and become better.

When Cory United Methodist originally opened, it wanted to be a resource to the community; it seems to me Roberson is making sure the doors are always open to the community. He said he would love for Cory to continue to grow and be an instrument for people in need.

~ Article by Courtney Green, a Glenville resident.  


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