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Funded Projects

Fall 2010 Grantees

Neighborhood Connections funded 93 groups totaling $325,000 in November 2010. For a complete list of funded projects, click here. .
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Spring 2010 Grantees

Neighborhood Connections funded 92 groups totaling $325,000 in Spring 2010. For a complete list of funded projects, click here. .
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Grantees in the News

Across Cleveland, folks are using a small investment from Neighborhood Connections to make their mark. Click on the headlines below to read about grantees in the news. Spring 2013 Superman celebrates 75 years! Spring 2012 The Fresh Prince of Glenville  Prince of Peace Outreach East 73rd Street Block Club  Cleveland Youth Empowerment El Sistema! Winter 2012 The Renee Jones Empowerment Center Trinity Community Garden El Sistema   Winter 2011 Wake Up and Live with the Arts The Halloran Park Skating Club  The Halloran.
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What have people done with a grant from Neighborhood Connections?

People have used grants to fund everything from community gardens to neighborhood safety projects. Click the links below for photo slideshows and descriptions of a variety of grantee projects. Projects focused on Building Community Slavic Village: Mill Creek Homeowners Association Slavic Village: Bring Back the 70's Block Club Projects focused on Community Gardening Tremont: Naturehood Glenville: Ashbury Community Garden Glenville: 109th Street Community Garden Hough: City Rising Farm  St. Clair/Superior: Community Greenhouse Partners Detroit-Shoreway: Edgewater Hill Victory Garden Detroit-Shoreway: Herman Avenue Community Garden Ohio City: Kentucky Garden Projects focused.
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