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Notes on City Repair Night

Last week's City Repair Night had amazing energy!  Close to 40 people came together for the evening. We had new folks, and those who've been in the fold for years. City Repair Night is a part of Neighbor Up University, where everyday people share their wisdom and knowledge to make Cleveland a better place. Designing a gathering space Our main conversation this month was about designing a gathering space or.
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Notes from Greater Buckeye Network Night

We had a powerful night in Buckeye last night at Greater Buckeye Network Night, Neighbor Up's newest Network Night just for neighbors in the Buckeye, Larchmere, Mt. Pleasant, Shaker Square and Woodland Hills neighborhoods. It is sponsored by the St. Luke's Foundation and hosted at St. Luke's Pointe. Here are some of the questions members talked about: How do you interact with public transportation and how can it.
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Notes from Neighbor Up University: Community of Practice

The community of practice is a monthly learning exchange open to anyone interested in learning more about Community Network Building -- the philosophy behind the Neighbor Up network.  It's from 1 to 3 p.m. the second Wednesday of the month at Trinity Commons. Thanks to everyone who stepped up to steward part of the gathering in June. Mr. Parris did a great job in leading us through the check-in..
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Neighbor Up University: City Repair Night’s Tips on Engaging Your Neighbors

More than 30 people came together at June's City Repair Night. City Repair Night is part of Neighbor Up University, a place where everyday people share their skills and knowledge to create an extraordinary world right where we live. The theme this month was "Engage Your Neighbors." There were a range of neighbors in the circle. Some, like Elle from City Rising Farm in Hough and Gordon from Prince.
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Creating Meaningful Places

Neighbor Up members are doing projects across Cleveland that are restoring community and making our neighborhoods safer and more beautiful. [gallery ids="89475,85445,87328"] Greater Buckeye Neighbor Up members in the Buckeye, Shaker Square, Larchmere, Mt. Pleasant and Woodland Hills neighborhoods are launching a Greater Buckeye Network Night sponsored by the St. Luke's Foundation. Hosted the third Wednesday of every month, it is a place for neighbors to come together,.
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Neighbor Up University: Ignite Your Power!

Neighbor Up University is a place where everyday people share their skills and knowledge to create an extraordinary world right where we live. Neighbor Up University offers a variety of workshops, mutual support circles and skill sharing opportunities. The gatherings are places where everyday people can share their gifts while also building their personal capacity, group or organization understanding, and community power to effect positive social.
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April’s Marketplace

Here is a list of offers, requests and declarations made at April's Neighbor Up Network Night. Offers Ruth: offers math, reading, science tutoring 1st-11th grade. Joe: offers spring cleaning cooking classes at Coit Road Farmers Market, Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mary: knows a senior citizen looking to volunteer Kevin: offers the U.S. Social Forum  Betty: offers help learning about being a home health aide Valerie: offers free swing dancing.
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What is Neighbor Up?

Neighborhood Connections launched the Neighbor Up network in 2012 to: bring people together across lines of difference; create a web of collaboration and exchange; and encourage residents from different neighborhoods, as well as institutional leaders, to work together to respond innovatively to the challenges that plague our communities. There are now 2,000+ card-carrying members with many more active in the network. How does it work? When Neighbor Up members gather, we use small activities.
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What is a Neighbor Up Practice?

A practice is something that then when done again and again becomes a habit. Habits make up a culture. Neighbor Up is about nurturing a new, aspirational culture of civic action in Cleveland. Here are some practices routinely used by Neighbor Up members. Click on the photo for more information about each practice. [gallery columns="1" ids="87433,87567,87571,87576"].
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Business of the Network

Business of the Network is a way to have a focused 20-minute conversation on topics that are current and relevant to the group or network. Anyone can host a conversation to hear different perspectives, experiences and to receive support with an issue or opportunity they are facing. Examples include: How can I help my mother transition smoothly into an assisted living facility? My neighborhood has had a series.
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The Marketplace

The Marketplace is a high energy, 20 to 30 minute exercise that can be used to help people identify and exchange gifts, favors, and advice. This exercise is optimal for groups of 10 to 50, and it’s FUN! The Marketplace brings to life our interconnectedness by acknowledging that we all have gifts and we all have value. When a diverse group of people gather to engage in.
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Mapping Exercise

Mapping is a 20 to 60 minute exercise that is especially useful to do with new groups. It can help to build common ground, the basis for strong relationships. This exercise is optimal for groups of 3 to 10 people. Why do it?  Everyone has a story to tell and the telling of these stories often reveals miracles of caring, old ways lost, values held, sickness, healing,.
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“Check-In” and “Check Out” are methods for opening and closing a meeting or group gathering. A check-in is a question asked of everyone in the group before the start of a meeting/gathering and a check-out is another question asked at the meeting's close. Depending on how many people are in the room you may want everyone to answer. You can also set a 5 to 10.
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The Check-in

The check-in is simply a moment at the beginning of a gathering or conversation for individuals to share brief nuggets about what is going well or what is new. By sharing positive stories and experiences at the beginning of a conversation, it brings appreciation, opportunity and a sense of well being into the environment. This prepares everyone for cooperation and teamwork. How does it work? The Check-in can be a.
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Apply to Be a Grant Making Committee Member

Neighborhood Connections invites you to apply to become a member of the Grant Making Committee. The role of the Neighborhood Connections Grant Making Committee member is to thoroughly read, review, interview, and make funding decisions with the Grant Making Committee. Committee members meet eight evenings in the fall and seven evenings in the spring to review grant proposals from grant applicants. Committee members work with a.
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