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MyCom MyPATH Program for Teens

The MyCom MyPATH Partnership Advancing Today’s Heroes is a unique opportunity for high school students (rising 9th graders through 12th grade) to build their leadership skills and put these skills into action. Meet new people. Share ideas. Build your skills. Create and implement a service learning project. Please submit your application by Friday, June 13th to: Partnership For A Safer Cleveland Attn: MyCom MyPATH 2239 E 14th Street Cleveland, OH 44115 or.
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Summer Camp Scholarships

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is offering scholarships for all summer camp programming, including Circle Sampler Camp (grades 1-6) , Junior Medical Camp (grades 3-12) and all of our Outdoor Education Camp s (grades 4-12) . More information about these camps can be found at: http://cmnh.org/site/ClassesandPrograms/SummerCamps.aspx.
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Celebrate Neighborhood Traditions at PNC Fairfax Connection

  As so many of us celebrate our own holiday traditions, we invite you to join us to honor the historic traditions and culture of Fairfax this month at PNC Fairfax Connection.  We’re also featuring programming on job readiness and networking. So whether you’re looking to explore the history of your neighborhood, improve your job search skills, master new technology or gain empowering personal finance insights, there’s.
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Perry’s Perspective: World Languages Make Global Citizens

"Je parle Français un petit peu" — I speak a little French. The French I remember from studying the language in fourth to ninth grades came in handy in August. That’s when my husband and our three teenagers spent nine days in England and France. I wanted us to take this trip because I believe the best education gives students a real shot at making their dreams come.
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Teacher Helps Girls Take Flight

Eighth-grade English teacher Emerald Hall doesn't play. She expects her students to work hard, just like she does. I could tell that Hall, 44, meant business the moment my 14-year-old daughter told me about her. For example, to my daughter's surprise, Hall carefully read and graded each page of the jumbo-size packet of eighth-grade study material her students brought home during spring break. I can’t say that if.
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Get Ready for Summer Basketball!

James Reid had the opportunity last summer to stand back and watch what was once just an idea in his head become reality. The last day of the eight-week double elimination Glenville Summer Basketball Tournament was coming to a close, trophies and medals were given and children softened their faces with proud smiles. Glenview Park, 10701 Dupont Ave., was filled with laughing children, joy-filled teenagers and.
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Teen Student Interviews County Medical Examiner

For some time now, I’ve wanted to be a medical examiner. I guess all those crime scene investigation TV shows, like "Criminal Minds," got to me. When I told my mother about my latest career choice, she went digging through the Web for summer programs, internships — whatever. That is when she came across the High School Shadowing Program. The program is coordinated by the medical examiner.
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Local drill team encourages focus and precision

As I approached the church doors at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church on Woodland Avenue, I heard deep thunders of unified stomps and shattering claps responding to a voice of strength guiding the bodily music. I had no idea where I was going initially, however, I just followed the sounds of ancient times — stomps and claps. When I finally turned the corner into the room, there.
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Conference for Teens this Month

I remember my English teacher in high school putting down the text book with her head following suit. “Class, let’s chat for a minute,” she said somberly. At that very moment, she became a mother and not an English teacher. I witnessed probably the most emotionally charged and relevant lecture since Sept. 11, 2001. I took in every word she said to use if I ever was.
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Neighborhood Voice does not guarantee the information provided on this page.   College: Free, Tuition-free and Full Scholarships   Yahoo! Finance: Ways to Attend College for Free (August 6, 2012) Berea College in Kentucky is a no-cost liberal arts college offering undergraduate programs to high achieving students. It US News and World Report ranks it a "Best College" (71) for National Liberal Arts colleges. $24.95 online book listing tuition-free scholarships and colleges For 11th and.
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New High School Hosts Information Sessions

Nexus Academy of Cleveland will host a series of information sessions and events, both online and in-person, for prospective parents and students to learn about the new blended high school. The school is scheduled to open a campus at 3615 Superior Ave. for the 2012-2013 academic year. The information sessions will give parents and students the opportunity to hear more about this new approach to.
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The Pulse: The Olympics, Kyrie Irving & Health Tip of the Month

The Olympics are one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world. This month the best athletes from all around the world are competing with one another to show their pride for their country and to win a coveted gold medal at the Summer Olympics in London. Team USA, our Olympic basketball team comprised of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant, is the.
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East Cleveland Public Library August Programs for Children & Teens

August Children Programs Movie Mondays Tell Me a Story Tuesdays Crafty Thursdays: 3 p.m. on  August 2 make a back-to-school collage about how you spent you summer vacation. End-of-summer Reading Club Celebration: 3 p.m. on August 9 National Dog Day is August 26. Let’s celebrate with a story and a snack! The East Cleveland Public Library is located at 14101 Euclid Ave. For more information, call 216-541-4128..
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True Love Waits

I got started in the "True Love Waits" program when I went to one of their meetings a couple of months ago. My grandma started the "True Love Waits" program at my church, so I decided to go. I went thinking it was going to be boring, but I came out with a lot of information and a ring showing my commitment. Being in this workshop has.
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