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Looking Up | Distraction

The other day I had an appointment with a client, who failed to show up. This was odd behavior for him, so I tried phoning him and sending a text message, with no response. I even went so far as to try to connect through Skype, but still received no response. A few hours later, I received a text message from the client, apologizing for.
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Faith Profile: Highlighting Places of Worship in Greater University Circle

Greater New Zion Baptist Church 997 Lakeview Rd , Glenville In August 2011, the Rev. Will Hamlet, Jr. and the congregation of Greater New Zion Baptist Church, located at 997 Lakeview Rd., awarded Evergreen Energy Solutions (E²S) a contract to renovate and give the church a much needed makeover. The renovation, the largest such project E²S had ever undertaken, involved enhancing the structural integrity of the roof,.
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‘Be Still and Know…’

Mindfulness Mindfulness is defined as being consciously in the moment and fully aware of our surroundings and actions. When you say the word “mindfulness” out loud, slowly, what comes to your mind?  In the busy activity of your day, does mindfulness seem attainable? How about in the heat of an argument? Or, is mindfulness a more elusive state, only characteristic of solitude? Recently, someone asked my daughter to.
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Children’s Musical Open to All. Rehearsals Start Jan. 11

A musical for children will be presented at Plymouth Church at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, March 11. Plymouth Church, UCC, is located at 2860 Coventry Rd., one block south of the Coventry-Shaker Blvd. rapid stop and just east of Shaker Square. Ample parking is available in the church lot.  The play will be "The Tale of Three Trees." It tells how we all dream of what we.
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Design Unveiled for African-American Cultural Garden

Hundreds of people, including community residents and local leaders, joined together Dec. 7 for the unveiling of the long-awaited African American Cultural Garden design. Susan Hall, co-chair of the marketing and public engagement committee for the African American Cultural Garden, said, "It started with a vision." The cultural garden, also called the AACG, was a community effort led by the now deceased Booker Tall and others..
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East Cleveland Kwanzaa Coalition Invites You To Celebrate

The East Cleveland Kwanzaa Coalition Invites You to Come Celebrate with us the Principle of IMANI WHEN: 1 p.m. on Sunday Jan. 1, 2012 WHERE: East Cleveland Civic Center, 14801 Shaw Ave., East Cleveland For more information contact:  Sis Doris Willis at  216-253-8624. Venders welcome. Contact:  Sis. Joan at  216-795-9855 Queen Surayyah at 216-376-9722  Sis. sadiQa at  216-291-9596 For more Kwanzaa events, check out the Neighborhood Voice community calendar.  .
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It’s Kwanzaa Time by Doris Willis

In 1966, when the cultural celebration of Kwanzaa was first practiced, Dr. Maulana Karenga used African harvest traditions as a model to introduce and reinforce a set of seven principles that African-Americans could incorporate into our lives on a daily basis.  Dr. Karenga chose these seven principles because of what they emphasize collectively, their positiveness and roots in African culture. These principles are the moral minimum.
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Poetry from Glenville’s Jennay Alvarez-Grant

Follow Your Dreams Follow your dreams No matter if They seem insignificant Or to the extreme   The key to Making Dreams come true You must have The desire, the strength To follow and see it through   Sometimes it requires Stepping out on "faith" And/or having just one Person to help push/pull  You along the way   Know, it's not  Always going to be easy But when your dreams come true Know, they did because All along you "believed" in You Somari's Set Somari's Set * starts with.
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From the Bottom Up by Mansfield Frazier

“My journey during my incarceration wasn’t just a physical journey, it was an interior journey as well,” Damon Calvert said. Just two days out of prison, he was employed full time and is currently attending Cleveland State University in pursuit of a master’s in nonprofit management. He attributes his success so far to that interior journey he made years ago. “It took a lot of self introspection, facing.
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Local Art Exhibit by Alanda Sales

Local artist and community activist Alanda Sales, from Cleveland's Buckeye neighborhood, opens her first art exhibit titled “The Art of Love” Dec. 16 at the Doboma Art Gallery located in the Cleveland Heights Main Library, 2345 Lee Rd. “The Art of Love” will officially  open at 5:30 p.m. with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. A reception with light appetizers follows, ending at 8:30 p.m. This is a free family.
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Glenville Pastor Calls for Community Outreach

Pastor Andrew Clark, Sr., of Trinity Outreach Ministries on Ashbury Avenue, announced in October a plan that encourages every church in Glenville to open its doors during the week for tutoring and workshops on financial literacy, crime prevention and health.   Clark, the founder of Glenville Ministry in Missions Alliance, announced the plan, dubbed the Recovery 7 Plan, at a meeting Oct. 27. Local residents, police officers.
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Parish Members Volunteer at Local Schools

  “Tutoring is fun!” says Micah, one of 16 third and fourth-graders at East Cleveland’s Mayfair Elementary School. There, students are being tutored in reading comprehension and math by 10 volunteers from Communion of Saints Catholic Church. Formed in January 2010, Communion of Saints Parish partnered with Mayfair, last November, with great success. Mayfair Principal Carol Godbold is pleased with the collaboration, saying “we are blessed to have.
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