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Sherri Means

Finding Your Hero

The cereal Wheaties has long been known as "The Breakfast of Champions." It is packaged in that orange box with a photo of an athlete on the front. When I was growing up, the box had the Olympic track and field star Bruce Jenner on the cover. As a child I believed if I ate my Wheaties, I could grow strong and fierce because Wheaties.
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Are You Living in an Abusive Relationship? – Part II

There are many possible reactions to an abusive relationship. You may be a victim of abuse if your response to your partner/relationship includes some or all of the following: Overfunctioning or overachieving: You may tend to take on more than a reasonable share of responsibilities. You may have a high need to succeed and please others. Your partner's failure to accept responsibility may force you to.
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Are You Living in an Abusive Relationship?

You can spend a lifetime in an abusive relationship and never know it. I spent 20 years in my hate-filled relationship, but the abuse held me hostage. It impeded my state of mind and I believed everything was normal. However, knowing the signs can be a lifesaver. Although every situation is different, the following is a list of traits from the Ohio Domestic Violence Network that might help.
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Being Human

Sunday, May 13, 2012, was Mother’s Day. It was a day I watched a lot of mothers celebrate their motherhood. I am the mother of two handsome young men any mother would be proud to claim. But, our relationship had been challenged by an abusive relationship I lived in, and all the dysfunction that came with it. My issues went beyond the love for my.
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The 12-Step Program and Domestic Violence

Abusive relationships can take you through the pits of despair and you can go places you thought you would never go and find yourself standing in places of no understanding. I became familiar with The 12-Step Program while living in a place of no understanding, but it wasn’t until I identified where I stood that I began to find my way to recovery. It was not.
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I Am My Sister’s Keeper

I am an advocate for women who are suffering with domestic violence. I work to help them reconnect with themselves and find ways to revive their lives after the storm. In an it's-all-about-me world, I have learned that I am not the total reason for the season. The more I grow in social responsibility to uplift and restore broken women to wholeness, the more I realize.
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