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Taking Charge of Your Health

By Linda D. Bradley, M.D., NV Contributor Are you really taking care of yourself?  Or are you only taking care of others?  Keeping your family and community healthy begins with you. Each of us should make a weekly goal to optimize our health. Making small but consistent changes in healthy habits will add years to your life. Don’t forget that health is wealth. We all have heard.
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Perry’s Perspective: My Health Victory

By M. LaVora Perry, NV Columnist    More from this series Over the years, people have often told me I seem capable, energetic, happy and always on the go. But here, I’m telling my truth with the hope that it will save lives. The first time I got depressed I was nine years old. Even before then, and continuing for more than 40 years, I felt like something.
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Your Bipolar Disorder Health Care Team

By M. LaVora Perry, NV Columnist  More from this series Doctors, nurses, mental health counselors, family, friends, neighbors and social workers can make up a health care team. Working with your teammates and taking the following steps can empower you to successfully manage your life. 1. Be Self Aware You are the leading player on your health care team. So… Notice your mood — know when it’s euphoric (happy.
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Understanding Bipolar Disorder

By M. LaVora Perry, NV Columnist  More from this series  Bipolar disorder is characterized by moods that swing between two extremes: super high and super low. People with bipolar disorder can experience severe depressions. They also have episodes of hypomania, the abnormally “up” moods that typify bipolar II disorder, or mania, the WAY-over-the-top moods that occur with bipolar I. Dr. Lilian Gonsalvez, vice chair of the Cleveland Clinic.
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The Grub Shop: Healthy Food, Affordably Priced

By M. LaVora Perry, NV Reporter EAST CLEVELAND - Move over big-name burger and chicken joints — a local kid’s back with delicious, healthy burgers and more. James Peterson’s Grub Shop reopened in April just east of University Circle. The restaurant now offers catering and vegetarian dishes. The meatless selections are in honor of Peterson’s late brother, who was a vegetarian. There are veggie burgers, chili, Polish boys.
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Job v. Career, The Difference: Parent Belinda Kyle Talks Up Education

M. LaVora Perry, NV Columnist East Cleveland employee Belinda Kyle’s three daughters excel in school and at violin. I recently invited her into my home to share with Neighborhood Voice readers her thoughts on education. She shared plenty. But first, let’s rewind to summer 2002 when she and I talked, laughed and nibbled chicken on a 14-hour road trip to the Suzuki Association of the Americas 11th music educators’ conference in Minneapolis. Kyle’s.
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Free and Reduced Cost, Medical Care Available

By M. LaVora Perry, NV Columnist   FAIRFAX - Nurse Aimee Vance aims to see more people utilizing a great andtotally free resource. She runs the Cleveland Clinic Community Health Center at the Langston Hughes Center on the corner of E. 79th Street and Quincy Avenue. It opened in 2009 to serve anyone, age 18 and over, who walks through its doors. The center is a “unique site” for.
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East Cleveland Voices Hope

CWRU's Social Justice Institute to Record Residents' Histories Wow. Cleveland has trees, grass and bushes everywhere. That was my thought in November 1991 while I looked out the window of an airplane descending over Hopkins airport. I was a twenty-nine year old from Cleveland’s Mount Pleasant area. But I’d lived in New York for six years and was only briefly visiting Cleveland, where I felt like a.
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Be Good People

By M. LaVora Perry NV’s M. LaVora Perry will periodically present stories and tips that focus on students of all ages, parents, educators, mentors, and others involved in education. Please send relevant story ideas and tips as well as information about upcoming student, youth and family events and programs, in or out of school. Post these comments in the “Education” section of www.neighborhood-voice.com or email them.
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Q&A with Dr. Rhonda Williams

Professor Rhonda Y. Williams, Ph.D.’s, passion for exploring diversity, inequality and truth drives her career at Case Western Reserve University. In Williams’ latest role as director of CWRU’s new Social Justice Institute she is leading a “Voicing Project” to gather true stories from East Cleveland residents past and present. She says, “Everyone has a story to tell — young people and adults.” Williams hopes the project.
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Eyes on the Prize: Fight For Equal Public Education Prevails

Inequities between poor and affluent public school districts fueled a national debate at the beginning of 2011. Akron mother Kelley Williams-Bolar inadvertently instigated the dispute after being jailed for sending her two daughters to a wealthier school district outside their neighborhood. But she is not the first Ohio parent to commit such a crime. The 1991 DeRolph vs. the State of Ohio lawsuit filed by the Ohio.
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A Look Back on Public Schools

Topeka, Kan., 1948. Lucinda Todd watches in horror as a car almost hits her 7-year-old daughter, Nancy, as she exits a school bus.Topeka, Kan., 1948. Lucinda Todd watches in horror as a car almost hits her 7-year-old daughter, Nancy, as she exits a school bus. Since Topeka law barred black students from attending nearby all-white schools, many of them, like Nancy, traveled by bus for an.
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East Cleveland to Demolish 150 Abandoned and Vacant Properties

                By M. LaVora Perry A bulldozer punches into a rickety house on East Cleveland’s Brightwood Avenue, producing a thick cloud of smoke.   As dust settles over the pile of debris, I inhale a rank odor that - in the words of Bob Deskin - comes from “rotted wood and rugs, mold” and raccoon, dog and other animal’s smelly droppings.   Deskin is president of Lightning Demolition and Excavation, which is commissioned.
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