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Allen E. Cole: One of Cleveland’s Busiest Photographers

    Ask an African-American senior citizen about the old Allen E. Cole Photography Studio on Cedar Avenue. She may share her memories of Cole’s signature advertisement in telephone books from days gone by:  “Somebody, Somewhere Wants Your Photograph.” The senior may even point out an old Cole portrait that's tucked inside a family album or perched on a mantelpiece. The 2012 exhibit, “Through the Lens of Allen E. Cole,”.
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What Have You Given Today?

I often sit and contemplate many questions and issues that arise in our society today. Many times I write letters to just about everyone so that my voice can be heard. But often times, it's still not. Who really listens? Who really cares? Sometimes I think my letters end up in a trash pile of bureaucratic red tape. A lot of people are totally frustrated about.
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I Am My Sister’s Keeper

I am an advocate for women who are suffering with domestic violence. I work to help them reconnect with themselves and find ways to revive their lives after the storm. In an it's-all-about-me world, I have learned that I am not the total reason for the season. The more I grow in social responsibility to uplift and restore broken women to wholeness, the more I realize.
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Student Docs and Nurses on the Case

The Free Medical Clinic of Cleveland is closed weekends — and Saturday medical treatment is available there. Confused? Listen up. Since fall 2011, the original Free Clinic has housed a tenant every second and fourth Saturday: Case Western Reserve University’s Student Run Free Clinic (SRFC). It’s open to walk-ins from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The SRFC typically treats anywhere from 16 to 24 patients said Erin Stein, former.
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Putting God First

Many years ago I remember sitting in church and crying. A friend passed a small card over to me and said, “I don't know what’s going on, but this should help.”  I looked down at the bright orange card and smiled when I read the words, “Keep God in the center.” My friend was right. I did feel better. Often times we become distracted by the world and are.
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Mail Carrier Trains Boxers to Deliver Victories

So far, eight young boxers have turned pro thanks to Renard Saffo. The 59-year-old is a graduate of Shaw High School in East Cleveland. He began boxing in 1973 and went on to win three Golden Gloves amateur boxing competitions. Saffo trained his first boxers in 1994 when he became assistant coach at the Glenville Recreation Center. He told NV he discovered he had a knack for “training champions.” Since 1986, Saffo has.
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Anybody’s Child

The nation is grieving and outraged over the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin. This 17-year-old high school student could have been anybody’s child. An innocent trip to a convenient store to purchase a bag of Skittles and iced tea turned into a death sentence.   Our racial intolerance has progressed from “driving while black” to “walking while black and wearing a hoodie." The outrage has sparked.
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Perspective: East Cleveland’s Mayor, City’s Past & Future

East Cleveland is doing better than I’ve seen it do in my 20 years of living here.   On Feb. 18, I attended Mayor Gary Norton’s State of the City address to learn about our progress. He spoke to a packed house in the Greg L. Reese auditorium of the East Cleveland Public library. Norton recalled East Cleveland’s past troubles. Those, he said, began in the 1970s.
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The Greatest Love of All – Our Children

The untimely passing of Whitney Houston has saddened the world. A music icon that became known as “The Voice” — Whitney Houston created many memorable songs for people of all ages to enjoy. I've always liked “The Greatest Love of All” because the words of the song describe what I believe is the most important lesson in life: to learn how to love yourself. “I believe.
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Free Art Tour at the Cleveland Clinic

Have an hour to kill and need to find something interesting to do? On the RTA HealthLine and want to have lunch and enjoy a world class art tour? Stop off at the main building of the Cleveland Clinic at East 95th Street and Euclid Avenue. You can choose an audio art tour or an Art Ambassador Tour. I ate lunch there and waited for the Art Ambassador Tour.   The tour is comprised.
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Untouchable Boxing Academy Brings 4 Young Champs Home from Nationals

Four youths recently traveled from Cleveland to Independence, Missouri as boxing championship contenders. They returned home winners. From February 1 to 4 they fought in the 2012 National Silver Gloves Tournament, which is for 10 to 15 year old amateur boxers. Tiarra Conwell, 11, Khalil Osaze, 12, Dazzlin Turner, 15, and De'Andre Williams, 11, train with the Lonnie Burten Untouchable Boxing Academy. Founded by Head Coach Donyelle (“Dee”) Bell.
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Getting to the Right Place | Dr. Angela Blackwell at City Club

February 17, 2012, Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and CEO of PolicyLink, spoke at the City Club of Cleveland. The event was sonsored by the Saint Luke’s Foundation as part of the City Club's Why Place Matters series. Blackwell said her organization promotes economic and social equity—just and fair inclusion. “PolicyLink watches what happens here [in Cleveland],” she said.   “Because we often find this [Cleveland].
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Top 10 Ways to Put Your Doctor Out of Business, Part 2

This column was written by Dr. Linda D. Bradley, a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic who was raised in the Hough and Lee Harvard neighborhoods .Read more of her “Ten Ways to Put our Doctor out of Business” here. ​3: LOWER YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE Speaking of taking care of your heart, hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a major cause of heart disease. They call high blood pressure.
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Twon Billings: Former Gang Leader Serves Others

Anton "Twon" Billings spoke fast, like a running faucet. That day last summer — the day I first met him — we stood outside East Cleveland's city hall. Forty-two years old at the time, he told me this short version of his life: At 13, he started the Crips gang in Cleveland. Giving motivational speeches to women victimized by violence reconnected him to the pain of his repeated.
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A Gem in Cleveland

While looking on Facebook the other day, I came across an advertisement for The Media Club. The ad was looking for members from the fields of film, photography, social Media, web design and art. The ad mentioned interest in students, small business owners, entrepreneurs and media enthusiasts from all areas. So I went on a search and found a gem in Cleveland. Located on East 40th.
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