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For Best Results, The TRIPOD Model

Chances are everyone reading this article has gone to a Home Depot or similar big box outlet for supplies to complete a ‘do-it-yourself’ project.  In the process, you have probably purchased spray paint, varnish, paint, etc., to complete the job.  If you are an instruction reader, you remember a special three-word caution that generally appears on most products, i.e. ‘for best results…’ This phrase is.
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Opening Up to Possibilities …

Neighborhood Connections recently started hosting monthly community gatherings called Network Nights. Tom O'Brien, program director at Neighborhood Connections, writes here about his experience at last week's Network Night.  When we moved into small groups last Thursday, I joined the discussion about youth. My purpose was to listen, ask questions, and participate. I did not facilitate. Normally, discussions about youth are the last ones I participate in. My experience.
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Student Loan Repayment Based on Income, Not Loan Amount

I have a friend I’ll call Morgan Rachelle Jones. She goes by Rachelle. For years there was a certain ritual that went on between her and her land-line phone. If the caller, a stranger, asked for "Morgan," she would say, "He's not home.” This usually confused the caller, who would ask, "Huh? Is Morgan a man or a woman?” And suddenly, Ms. Morgan Rachelle Jones turned into.
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Chatting and Connecting in Greater University Circle

Last week I went to a phenomenal meeting led by Lisa-Jean Sylvia of Neighborhood Connections.  It was the first in a series of community meetings simply named Network Nights. Network Nights will be held once a month in the Greater University Circle area.  The purpose of the meetings is to bring residents together from the neighborhoods in Greater University Circle.  It is not just for those.
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Another Gem

Sometimes I just have to talk about businesses in our area that support the arts and can be good for everybody in our community.  GreaterIsHe Publishing Company is one such business. How many people do you know that have great stories but they haven't written their memoirs so no one will ever know?  Well, if you have a story to tell this may be a.
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Broadening the Definition of Academic Success

In an age when the definition of a child’s success is becoming increasingly narrowed by defining their success purely on their performance on a mandated standardized test works counter to the philosophy of the important development of a whole child. Today’s education, by necessity, must encompass the development of all aspects of the child, including but not limited to the academic, social and emotional. Without.
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Storms Take Us Higher

Have you ever had a friend that just changed on you? You know, they just flipped the script on you. You thought everything was going well, then all of a sudden things changed. You sat back and shook your head in disbelief. That’s what God just did to me. I thought I knew him then he flipped the script and took our relationship to another level, without.
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Need Hope? Let’s Come Together to Change the Community

Neighborhood Connections is starting exciting and innovative work in the Greater University Circle area. Check out this video from our kick-off event earlier this year and read on for the first regular column from program director Tom O'Brien. All of us might wish at times that we lived in a more tranquil world, but we don't. And if our times are difficult and perplexing, so are.
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Does Your Silence Make You Guilty?

Did it ever occur to you that NOT saying something is just as bad or worse than saying the wrong thing? A friend of mine asked me this question. She said that she had a friend, or an associate, who was engaging in what she thought was inappropriate, though not necessarily illegal, behavior. My friend said she felt compelled to say something but, out of.
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“There’s Room for Everybody”: Mayor Gary Norton Re-Imagines East Cleveland

It was June 30, hot and sunny outside. A small crowd stood in a vacant lot on Idlewood Avenue to kick off of the Re-Imagine East Cleveland movement. A burned down house once stood in that same lot, the location of the day's ground-breaking ceremony. That lot is one of four properties on Idlewood slated for renovation or rebuilding. The fire-damaged house beside it is another one. According.
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Neighborhood Connections Kicks-Off our 10 Anniversary Celebration Year

Neighborhood Connections is preparing to celebrate its upcoming 10th Anniversary during 2013. We want to include as many people as possible as the year unrolls. During our celebration year we will expand the network of grassroots leaders, bridge divides, and gather people together in new ways. To kick things off we gathered 70 neighborhood leaders on September 29th for Connecting for Community (C4C), a daylong experience of community building.
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Public Schools as a Community Building Asset

The City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are looking to improve the quality of education here by seeking a big tax increase in November to carry out the district’s improvement plan. This presents an exciting opportunity to promote discussion about many fundamental issues: What is the purpose of public schooling? What is the connection between schooling and a person’s quality of life? What.
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Finding Your Hero

The cereal Wheaties has long been known as "The Breakfast of Champions." It is packaged in that orange box with a photo of an athlete on the front. When I was growing up, the box had the Olympic track and field star Bruce Jenner on the cover. As a child I believed if I ate my Wheaties, I could grow strong and fierce because Wheaties.
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The Pulse: The Olympics, the NFL & the Cavs

It has been a great summer for sports and I don’t think it is going to stop anytime soon. Especially with the NFL season and NBA season on the way. The Olympics was a huge success for the USA and a lot of other countries. The USA won 46 gold medals, 29 silver medals and 29 bronze medals for a grand total of 104 medals..
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Little Italy Hosts its Annual Feast

Imagine that you live in a cultural garden of rich heritage steeped in religious tradition.  For 114 years, Italian immigrants carved businesses and neighborly connections with each other in Cleveland's Little Italy. They lived side by side in a small "grotto" or neighborhood in the huge city. They learned the new language from each other, yet settled down at home to speak to each other in a native.
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