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Now That’s FRESH! Campers Produce Their Own CD

When summer winds down and its camps close out for the season, most children return home with new scrapes, bug bites, sun burns and failed summer romances. The youths that participated in Dee Jay Doc Harrill’s FRESH Camp made a bit more of their sweltering summer days. As the camp progressed, Harrill led more than 21 local children as they gained new skills and insight in.
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Poetry Corner: Clouds

Clouds are like people drifting away as they please. They have different names with different meanings like foreign countries do for newborn babies just unfolding. Clouds. The saddest part is when they drift away. They may never come back. ~ Poem by Akia Eubanks, 12, who lives in Woodhill Homes in the Buckeye-Shaker area. Read her poem "Sabers" here..
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Area Residents Tell Their Stories in a Play Opening at Rainey Sept. 16

Jan Thrope didn’t set out to write a photojournalism book about Cleveland’s city neighborhoods.  The process was jump-started when a boy she was tutoring was overcome by fear of his neighborhood. She traveled up and down streets trying to find the source of his fears. She said, “I saw many hopeless and despairing sights that were hurting him. But looking closer I discovered residents whose visions.
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Help Wanted: NewBridge Cleveland Center for Arts and Technology

TITLE:  Director of Adult Training Programs REPORTS TO:  Chief Operations and Program Officer SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:  Adult Training Program instructors, students and support staff (shared). POSITION OBJECTIVE The Director of Adult Training Programs will develop, administer and implement all adult training programs offered at NewBridge.  The Director will manage the day-to-day activities of the year-round training program, including the recruitment of students, development of curricula, coordination of academic refresher courses, hiring.
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Poetry Corner: So Close To Victory

                                         Part 1 Sometimes, you miss out on what's in store for you Because you give up before it happens in life If only you kept moving toward your goal Your goal could have become a reality You are so close to victory I know your goal seems like it's far away And.
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What’s in a Name? Civil Rights Hero Unhappy about Cable Series Using Her Name

Diane Nash,  74, says the USA Cable television network stole her name. Maxine Walker Giddings, 72, recently emailed me a link to a letter Nash posted on July 26. Both women are civil rights heroes. Nash explains in her letter that USA's series, "Political Animals", portrays actress Vanessa Redgrave as the first openly gay Supreme Court justice. Her name? Diane Nash. But Nash is African American while Redgrave is of.
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Poetry Corner: Sabers

The projects can be an obstacle like an object put right in your way it might make us sick to live surrounded with gates that breed hate in some areas police most often arrive late daring people to start trouble when they arrest you your problems become double The projects are a market for drugs weed cocaine and crack the substances that make others not know how to react to life but with perseverance and.
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Poetry: Misunderstood

Does a person who's misunderstood Live in fear or in tears? Then ask yourself can this question even be answered. Just like beauty, truth is in the eye of the beholder. There's always three sides: yours, mine, and the truth. Poem by Craig Bady, an intern at the Buckeye Area Development Corporation with a talent for art and design and  an interest in starting his own landscaping business. .
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Poetry: Incense Essence Parts I & II

Incense Essence Part I He smelled like Mama’s home cooking and Incense burning and Little girls getting their hair pressed I told him that he smelled like a room full of black people He laughed A full hearty laugh He made me want to curl in his arms and drift away in his Frankincense while we sailed along the Blue Nile. I could be walls away grinding on my work and his powerful essence.
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Movie About Teen Pregnancy Lacks Depth

I saw the film "17 Girls" at the Cleveland International Film Festival. The movie is based on a real-life group of best friends who decided to all get pregnant at the same time and raise their children together. It reminded me of the movie "The Pregnancy Pact," which was based on that exact same story and aired on Lifetime. I think the reason so many filmmakers have taken an interest in this story.
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Neighborhood Spotlight: Joe Golden

Longtime Larchmere resident Joe Golden is making a difference in the neighborhood each day. He helped start a block club on East 124th Street, he delivers Larchmere Life newsletters and on July 7, at this year's Larchmere Festival, he and students from The Golden School of Urban Self-Defense plan to demonstrate the ancient traditions of kung fu. “Everyone has a place in the world and martial arts can help you.
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Local Camp Takes A ‘Fresh’ Look at Glenville

One of the most basic desires of any human being is to be heard. With almost 400,000 people in the city of Cleveland, it’s easier said than done – especially if you’re a child. Disk jockey Doc Harrill, a local music producer, turntablist and teacher who lives in Glenville, is trying to change all that by giving youth in Glenville and University Circle a unique opportunity. “The.
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Neighborhood Spotlight: Nicki Petrone & Mark Reynolds

Turning their porch into a PorchFest stage has become a bit of a summertime tradition for longtime Larchmere residents Nicki Petrone and Mark Reynolds. Musical roots run deep for the duo. Mark, who grew up in Ethiopia, sings and plays the guitar — a talent he traces directly to his missionary parents' love of music. And Nicki, hailing from a family of jazz musicians, performs regularly.
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Poetry Corner: Cleveland rocks

Cleveland rocks I am the core of the universe oozing through the layers of earth's unapologetic crust, I am the deceivingly calm eye of a hurricane I am a vortex in the midst of the ocean, The whirling winds of a tornado The shift of a fault line that causes the earth to shake and quake I am the startling explosion of thunder; I am the fire on the water, the.
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