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Free Classical Guitar Concert Sunday

The Cleveland Classical Guitar Society is offering its annual Showcase Concert featuring Cleveland’s finest classical guitarists. The concert is free and open to the public. It will be held on Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 3 p.m. at Plymouth Church UCC, 2860 Coventry Road, Shaker Heights. This year’s performers include: Duo Amaral: Baldwin Wallace professor Jorge Amaral with Mia Pomerantz-Amaral; Duo Allant: Kathryn Thomas Umble, flute and.
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Documentary Highlights ‘FRESH’ Side of Glenville

Each summer, Dee Jay Doc Harrill takes a group of local children and helps them produce songs with positive messages that highlight what’s good – or "fresh" as Harrill and the kids put it – in their neighborhood. This year, a donation by Famicos Foundation made it possible to expand their activities and take their freshness to new heights. “The idea was basically to kind of.
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Last Chance to Play Pianos on the Street in University Circle

Have you seen pianos stationed on the sidewalk in different places around University Circle? They are an art exhibit called "Play Me, I'm Yours" by artist Luke Jerram. Anyone can sit down and play one of the pianos. The exhibit is sponsored by Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland International Piano Competition. Since 2008, the exhibit has visited more than 35 cities. In Cleveland, there.
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Poem: Positively Cleveland

Inspiration brought on by a dying a city, financially and spiritually speaking. Going back through the history books of my city, I see that, at one point we were a thriving cluster of communities, filled with culture, camaraderie, and hard work. With beauty and brawn to boot: but lately I've seen division, hateration, and elevated rates of evacuation, taking away the last remaining heartbeats of my.
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Art for the Ears

To the eyes, Severance Hall in Cleveland offers a canvas of stunning beauty. Its filigree and architectural magnificence make it a visual delight, and a highlight of Cleveland. But walk in and close your eyes. The best art of Severance Hall is truly that which graces your ears. Bows caress strings like a master artist would with his brush, first through the palette and then.
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10 Years of WOW!

Ten years ago, University Circle Inc. was looking for a way to showcase a newly renovated and revitalized Wade Oval. They started a small outdoor concert series that has since grown into one of Cleveland’s most recognizable and well-attended events: WOW! Wade Oval Wednesdays. “I think the secret to WOW’s success is a combination of the community coming together and good word-of-mouth advertising,” said Chris Ronayne,.
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Neighborhood Spotlight

Where can you find 12-feet-tall books stretching along a 73.5-foot bookshelf? In Wonderland? No, in our own Larchmere neighborhood! Alongside the outside south wall of Loganberry Books, 13015 Larchmere Blvd., is a mural of a large bookshelf. It is meant to pay tribute to the diversity and richness of the neighborhood. At the heart of the mural is the winning design submitted by local artist, teacher and.
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Film Festival Wrap-up

The 37th Cleveland International Film Festival wrapped up last month with record-breaking attendance. There were 93,235 admissions during the 12-day festival — that's a 9 percent increase from last year. I attended the festival and learned something new about the film industry. When the subject of great names in cinematic history comes up in conversation, people tend to think of actors first, then director and maybe the screenwriter..
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Poetry Corner

She Likes to Swallow Blood I hold her tightly While the darkness creeps in slowly. My arms can’t protect her From nightmares, her past, And the clouds approaching   Laying restless from awaiting Revelations. The ticking clock syncs Our breath and tears. Because she cries silently, Weeping pillows wet Is a haunt that makes me hold her firm   Never feeling her pain from the day before. I never see the bruise and tears through the beauty Of her smile. The.
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Where Art & Community Intersect

Architect Mark Lakeman stood inside Trinity Cathedral last month and spoke like a preacher — bringing a message of hope and inspiration to a capacity crowd of about 160 Clevelanders who came to hear him speak. “Even though we are surrounded by so many disparaging stories, our hearts are still beating,” Lakeman said as he introduced the citizen-driven movement called City Repair that began in a Portland,.
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Poetry Corner: Today

Today Today I display happiness because yesterday taught me a lot. Respectfully now I take one step at a time cautiously, I must say.   For me to get a second chance in society a question was asked, “Did I learn my lesson from the punishment I received?”   I reply, “No lesson have I learned, punished I was not.” The only ones that were punished were my friends and family who.
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Join the PULL!

SPACES, the artist William Pope.L, and citizens of Cleveland are teaming up this summer for PULL! — an extraordinary feat of shared labor. PULL! is a durational, participatory city-wide community performance, in which hundreds of Clevelanders will manually pull a refurbished truck for three days, from June 7th to 9th, through the neighborhoods of North Collinwood, Glenville, University Circle, Hough, AsiaTown and downtown; to West Park, Clark-Fulton.
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Local Student Brings Organ Donation Issue to Life

Animation is used just about everywhere in the world today. Normally, it is used as some form of entertainment. Chaz Bottoms, a senior at Benedictine High School, combined his love of animation with science, culture and his personal experiences to create an award-winning and provocative product with an important message for everyone. Bottoms’ animation, "No-Ners: No Donors," beat out more than 900 other student submissions from almost 40.
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Film Festival in Town

For the past 36 years, the Cleveland International Film Festival has been the premier film event in Ohio.  Today, the CIFF presents more than 170 feature films and more than 160 short subject films from at least 60 countries. Nearly 200 filmmakers and other special guests attend the film festival and hundreds of students participate in a mini-festival of CIFF films for high school students screened.
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Community Poetry: Home is Where the Terror Exists

Home is Where the Terror Exists   I remember when The terror crept in From the back alley and Occupied the living room. Made her mind wicked As the people watched her Lose herself Learned how to sing lullabies   With a wicked psychosis From a lonely world. Beatings and lies created the scramble And a child was found outside My window. Outside With hands too small To make a fist. Too young Not to know how to love   And exists. Too innocent to.
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