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Perry’s Perspective: World Languages Make Global Citizens

“Je parle Français un petit peu” — I speak a little French.

The French I remember from studying the language in fourth to ninth grades came in handy in August. That’s when my husband and our three teenagers spent nine days in England and France.

I wanted us to take this trip because I believe the best education gives students a real shot at making their dreams come.

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Perry’s Perspective: My Health Victory

By M. LaVora Perry, NV Columnist   

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Over the years, people have often told me I seem capable, energetic, happy and always on the go. But here, I’m telling my truth with the hope that it will save lives.

The first time I got depressed I was nine years old. Even before then, and continuing for more than 40 years, I felt like something.

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New East Cleveland community newspaper is out

The June issue of The East Cleveland Narrator is out in digital. I’ll be delivering print copies in the community Monday, June 2. On ECNarrator.com, there are 16 videos of residents providing their opinions about the possibility of merging with Cleveland. In addition, in the paper (digital and print), Donte Gibbs and his Shaw students from the Neighborhood Leadership Institute talk about their book project,.

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Hollywood Comes to Glenville — Again

Moviemakers who come to Cleveland and need costumes cleaned fast choose Trotters Dry Cleaners of Glenville. Their choice means they get fast service and help the environment too.

According to owner Victoria Trotter, her family-owned business is the only cleaners in Cleveland — and one of five in Ohio — that uses only biodegradable cleaning products, which are safe for people and the environment.

You may recall.

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Talking with Cleveland Schools CEO Eric Gordon

Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO Eric Gordon has a plan — the Plan for Transforming Cleveland Schools, that is. Two of my children attend CMSD schools and this summer, Gordon and I talked about the bold strategy nicknamed the “Cleveland Plan.” Voters approved it in November when they passed Issue 107 — a 15-mill levy and the first school levy Clevelanders passed in 16 years.


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Self-Defense Classes Needed

Where do we go from here?

After the news of the killings of three women in East Cleveland in July, many are wondering, “Where do we go from here?” East Cleveland resident M. LaVora Perry shares her thoughts about what comes next.

I received an email Thursday, July 11, about a missing 18-year-old, Shirellda Helen Terry. I posted it on Facebook and hoped to soon hear that Shirellda was fine.

Friday, July 19, East.

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Teacher Helps Girls Take Flight

Eighth-grade English teacher Emerald Hall doesn’t play. She expects her students to work hard, just like she does.

I could tell that Hall, 44, meant business the moment my 14-year-old daughter told me about her. For example, to my daughter’s surprise, Hall carefully read and graded each page of the jumbo-size packet of eighth-grade study material her students brought home during spring break.

I can’t say that if.

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Letters to Our Daughters

A few years ago, University Circle resident Michael Chapman stopped asking God for money and started asking for an idea instead. He got the advice to change the way he prayed from R.A. Vernon, his pastor at the Word Church, which has services at East Cleveland’s Shaw High School. 

Following Vernon’s suggestion paid off, said Chapman in a recent interview. Through prayer, he came up with.

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Free Conference on Race, Food & Justice

Food — what’s race and justice got to do with it? To answer that question, Case Western Reserve University hosts the “Race, Food and Justice” conference on April 25 and 26. The conference is free and open to the public.

It marks the third year CWRU’s Social Justice Institute has partnered with local organizations Rid-All Green Partnership Project, Environmental Health Watch and PolicyBridge to raise public.

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From Empty Lot to High-Tech Farm

Leonard Davis’ dream of urban farming grew from a seedling to a garden. It’s located on the corner of East 130th Street and Arlington Avenue in the Glenville neighborhood.

In 2008, Davis’ godfather allowed him to plant a garden on the large plot of land. In 2011, Davis bought the plot and gave away what he grew to anyone who wanted some.

L-R: Leonard Davis, Jerome.

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Protecting Our Bridges

I’ve been thinking about the old saying “Don’t burn your bridges.” I’ve considered how, contrary to those words, sometimes it’s actually best to let a bridge burn.

Of course, the saying isn’t about bridges made of steel, concrete and other raw materials. It’s about bridges that take you from where you are now in life to where you want to be.

NV Columnist M. LaVora Perry


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“Playing” Tai Chi for Health

Susan Cady’s students strike proud royal poses when they walk — they hold their heads high and keep their chests wide.

Cady, the founder of T’ai Chi for Health, teaches students to work out kinks in their bodies while in bed and keep good posture. She believes in standing tall, as if someone had just told you “You’re about to receive a medal at the Olympics!”


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A Valentine from NV

As a valentine to our readers, NV found people in our eight neighborhoods and asked them to share their thoughts on the subject of love. Some are in relationships, some aren’t. Some live or work in our neighborhoods, others don’t. Three happen to be named “John.” Watch as each one answers our questions in our video “NV’s 2013 Valentine” at www.youtube.com/NeighborhoodVoice, and read their comments.

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War on Drugs Creates Permanent Underclass

What a difference “except” makes.

The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says no one can be enslaved, EXCEPT a prisoner.

It reads:  “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States.”

On Oct. 25, Michelle Alexander talked about this and more to an audience in John Hay High School’s auditorium. Alexander.

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Mental Health Forum Next Month

Latisha James, left, with author Terrie Williams.

Untreated mental illness wrecks lives and ends them early. That’s the view of Michael Baskin, executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness’ Greater Cleveland chapter.

In a recent interview, Baskin echoed what is says on NAMI’s national website: Untreated mental illness leads to “disability, unemployment, substance abuse, homelessness, inappropriate incarceration, suicide and wasted lives.”

Given this reality, the time.

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