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  • Igniting the power of everyday people to create an extraordinary world right where they live. Photos by Janet Century Photography.
  • Investing in a resident-led projects in Cleveland and East Cleveland.
  • Bringing together a diverse network of neighbors to respond innovatively to the challenges that plague our communities.
  • Building a stronger city.




  • Neighborhood Connections offers small grants┬áto groups of residents in Cleveland and East Cleveland to do projects that improve t...


  • Aug 19, 2017, Market sqaure park -

    This event is a festival/ block park for the city of cleveland.

    This celebration of life will be held to to entertain the people of Cleveland with live entertainment as well as to bring joy and happiness to clevelanders.

    This will be an open talent open mic event so
    ff you can dance, sing…..ect it’s welcomed!

    Get a chance to socialize and see local talent come alive!!!!

    This celebration is for the public.

    This is a time you will remember!

    We will love to see you there!



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$7.5 Million

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Neighborhood Connections is an innovative, nationally recognized community-building program established in 2003. Our mission is to fuel the power of neighbors to create, together, an extraordinary world right where they live. More