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  • Neighbors break into small groups to discuss issues they care about at a monthly Neighbor Up Network Night. Photo by Janet Century Photography.
  • Children perform during the annual Juneteenth Conference and Concert hosted by Djapo Cultural Arts Institute, a Neighborhood Connections' grant recipient. Photo by Janet Century Photography.
  • Residents in the Stockyards neighborhood work on a mural as part of Neighborhood Connections' City Repair Cleveland initiative. Photo by Janet Century Photography.
  • Johnny Wu, a member of the Neighborhood Connections Grant Making Committee, is one of the founders of the Cleveland Asian Festival. Photo by Janet Century Photography.


  • Groups of Cleveland residents doing good work in their neighborhoods are being surprised with micro-grants from Neighbor...








Total Grants Given to Date

$7.8 Million

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  • The Church in the Circle with an inclusive spirit, a diverse and caring congregation, exceptional educational and outreach programs and uplifting worship services with a broad and open approach to musical selection and scriptural interpretation....
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The Cleveland Foundation launched Neighborhood Connections in 2003 to empower people in Cleveland’s neighborhoods and encourage them to become more engaged with each other and the city around them. Neighborhood Connections extends small grants that fund citizen-led neighborhood projects. More